Dialogue with suppliers

In Germany, the Group participated in Econsense, a forum for sustainable development, which German companies and organisations participate in with the goal of promoting sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. The Forum has developed a series of principles concerning the supply chain, called GASP (General Accepted Sustainable Supply Chain Principles of Econsense into the RFI - Request For Information). Generali has integrated these principles into its purchasing processes, including 30 questions in its supplier qualification questionnaire, broken down into 5 categories: governance, ecology, society, policies and management.

In Italy, during 2012 a meeting was organised with several of the main suppliers, where the new section of the Generali Group Italy Supplier Portal was presented. This section is dedicated to exchanging orders and invoices, in order to dematerialise documents in the order-invoice cycle, increasing transparency, providing visibility to the data shared with suppliers, and enabling on-line cooperation to manage orders and invoices. The suppliers involved were pleased with the development of the portal and satisfied with the engagement initiative, suggesting possible developments and functionalities for the platform. Another meeting was held in April 2013, involving approximately 80 suppliers. In the first part of the meeting, suppliers were provided with training on issues of environmental and social responsibility, and the Group's approach to these issues was described (purchases of green materials, energy from renewable sources, separate waste collection and respect of labour rights also applied to the supply chain). In the second part, the Supplier Portal was presented and its features were illustrated. Also in this case, suppliers were highly satisfied with the tool, and especially with the possibility of real time dialogue with the Group Procurement department and of eliminating paper in exchanging communications and information, with resulting financial savings and benefits for the environment. To assist suppliers that decide to use this tool, the Group has set up specific training courses, which will be held in the country.

Also in Italy, in the 2012-2013 heating season, Generali Real Estate tested a contract type (Energy Performance Contract) that commits persons in charge of building maintenance to reach specific energy savings targets in exchange for the guarantee of a 1-year extension in the supply contract. The purpose of the initiative is to increase suppliers' sensitivity to environmental subjects, involving them in company energy savings targets, through a personal interest.