Bank sales networks

The banks in the Sustainability Report scope use different methods to distribute financial products, based on the type of clients they target. The traditional channel is sued by Banca Generali in Italy (43 branches) and by BSI in Switzerland (13 branches), supplemented by other contact methods in both banks. All banks operate through financial advisors, and a total of 645 brokers are used, specifically in Austria by Generali Bank, and in Germany by Deutsche Bausparkasse Badenia.

To meet the needs of all types of clients, Banca Generali and Generali Bank also operate through call centres and internet sites, while BSI has set up an e-banking system for BSI-Connect clients. These three banks provide on-line home banking services and the option to send requests for direct advisory services.



Assicurazioni Generali headquarter, piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 2, Trieste, Italy