Dialogue with sales force

Group companies provide the sales force with various tools for facilitating dialogue and enabling accurate and up-to-date communication with management teams tasked with organising and managing the sales network.

The development of various channels enables constant and effective communication for continual training on regulations, operating methods, rules and conduct with clients, with a view to facilitating product distribution and improving customer service.
The entire Group's sales force can access dedicated intranets, which are constantly updated with news concerning regulations, sales and customer relationship management initiatives. A newsletter service is also provided on the intranet, which is used primarily to announce the launch of new products and provide updates on commercial initiatives. Sales force have email addresses, provided and managed by Group companies, to enable timely one-to-one communication and daily updates.

In some countries, sales networks are provided with print publications of the major commercial initiatives, insurance and/or financial market trends and certain regional success stories.



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