Sustainability development bodies

To ensure that, in addition to economic considerations, social and environmental matters linked with the business are also taken into account, specific bodies and departments have been established within the Group Head Office.

Group-level responsibility for sustainability is assigned to the Group CEO, who is responsible for the implementation of the strategies and policies defined by the Parent Company's Board of Directors, which is also responsible for setting Group sustainability objectives and commitments as well as assessing the related risks, opportunities and areas for improvement.

The Sustainability Committee is the implementing body which is responsible for the achievement of Group-wide sustainability objectives and for analysing the information on social issues resulting from monitoring. It is composed of Group representatives of the company functions with the most involvement in implementing social and environmental policies and the Country and Area CSR Officers.

There is also an organisational structure dedicated to the management of environmental subjects, specifically set up by the EMS Review Committee and the Environmental Management System (EMS) Committee, described in greater detail in the chapter Environment and Climate Change, section Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System.

Operational governance bodies known as CSR Committees are active at national level to improve the organisation and coordination of social and environmental activities. These Committees interface, on the one hand, with the Sustainability Committee, to ensure coordination of initiatives and to encourage the transfer of local best practices to an international level and, on the other, with the local Group companies, with a view to duly implementing the decisions taken by the Head Office. The CSR Committees are chaired by a member of the local Top Management and involve the Corporate Social Responsibility Officer and the managers of the company departments most involved in the implementation of social and environmental policies.

The coordination of all activities concerning sustainability, both within the Group and with regards to the market, lies with the Corporate Social Responsibility unit, reporting directly to the Group CEO.