In the second half of 2012, Generali faced an in-depth review of its operationel and financial strategy to identify the Group's areas of excellence and areas for improvement to be focused on in the strategic plan for 2013-2015.

The Generali Group's strategy for the next three years is based on several strengths:

  • a very strong brand, both in Italy and abroad;
  • a widespread, diversified international presence, with several hubs of excellence in both mature and emerging markets;
  • a total amount of premiums and assets which places the Group among the top insurance groups in the world;
  • consolidated leadership in the life segment and solid performance in the non-life segment.

Starting from these strengths, the Group is dedicated to developing a strategy based on three fundamental criteria: discipline, simplicity and focus on the fundamentals of the insurance business.

The goal is to steer the Group with a clear approach to increasing the profitability of the insurance business management and creating value, with a sharp focus on capital and its optimum allocation, as well as on generating cash flow for the business.