Human rights

The Group undertakes to guarantee and promote respect for fundamental human and labour rights in all its spheres of influence, especially concerning its employees and contractual partners. As proof of this commitment, its policies and practices are in keeping with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core international standards of the International Labour Organisation. The Group also supports principles 1 and 2 relating to the human rights of the UN Global Compact initiative.

The Generali Group Code of Conduct guarantees employees a working environment free of all types of discrimination, harassment, intimidation or mobbing and promotes diversity and inclusion in the belief that cooperation between people from different cultural backgrounds, with different skills, opinions and experience, is an essential prerequisite for guaranteeing business growth and innovation. In this way, individuality is recognised and personal differences are respected, key values for maintaining working conditions where everyone feels valued and supported.

Owing to the importance attached to promoting diversity and inclusion, the Group decided to establish the role of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, who is responsible for developing policies and guidelines, as well as training programmes on these issues.

The Group also recognises the freedom of association and collective bargaining, and prohibits any kind of illicit work, exploitation, as well as any type of compulsory, forced or child labour. Respect for the aforementioned core international standards of the International Labour Organisation is constantly monitored throughout the entire Group and promoted through specific training programmes so as to create widespread awareness. In particular, an e-learning course on the pre-existing Ethical Code of the Generali Group was launched in 2011, focussing in particular, on the respect for human and labour rights, which has involved almost 19,000 employees to date, giving priority to those that work in countries where this respect is not always guaranteed. For more details, refer to the chapter Employees, section Human rights of this document.

The Group is not limited to ensuring respect for the fundamental human rights of its employees but, in application of the provisions of the Ethical Code for the Suppliers of the Generali Group, asks its suppliers to observe all applicable national and international laws and regulations, including therein the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of the International Labour Organisation, and to also ensure compliance with them by the respective supply chains. More details can be found in the chapter Suppliers of this document.

The Generali Group also protects and promotes fundamental human rights in its role as institutional investor, through an investment policy that encourages issuing companies to act responsibly. Indeed, it forbids investments in financial instruments issued by companies that are, directly or through subsidiaries, involved in exploitation of child or forced labour or produce cluster bombs, anti-personnel mines and similar weapons. These indications are currently contained in the Ethical Guidelines for Investments, described in the section Policies and management tools in this chapter, to which reference should be made for in-depth information.