The Generali Group defines and promotes an integrated communication strategy, targeted at all stakeholders at global level, based on transparency and the utmost commitment to guaranteeing promptness, accessibility, accuracy and completeness of information.

Internal communication spreads the strategy and the corporate culture, supporting the transformation process of the Group with the engagement of employees. In the second half of 2012, the strategic investment in communication with employees increased through more incisive and diversified dialogue. For example, the Ask Group CEO e-mail address was activated, a channel for dialogue and debate opened at the wish of the Group CEO in order to acknowledge the observations and comments from employees, understand their priorities and answer their questions directly and promptly.

External communication activities through the media, in compliance with the relevant regulations, concern all areas of Group operations worldwide. Press releases are issued regularly and presentations and events are organised, to guarantee full disclosure in relation to the Group's latest operational and strategic developments, to the presentation of the economic and financial results and to business and social responsibility initiatives. Media relations were strengthened in 2012 and meetings were encouraged between management and the media, in order to illustrate, in particular, the Group's new strategy and present new guidelines aimed at creating more value for all stakeholders.

The Group avails itself of various communication tools to establish contact with its stakeholders and, in particular, to allow a continuous, comprehensive, up-to-date and transparent exchange of information. Traditional tools like press releases, articles, company magazines, e-mails, newsletters are supported by opportunities for direct interaction, such as conferences and themebased meetings, and digital channels take on special significance (first and foremost, the company intranet for employees and the institutional website) within the context of widespread use of mobile internet devices and an increase in the expectations of users as regards the quantity and quality of information provided.

In order to offer key information on the Group to all those using mobile internet devices (smartphones and tablets), Generali corporate app was also launched on the market at the start of 2013.

Generali GroupConceived as a concise but immediate source of information for professionals and stakeholders who keep up-to-date via mobile devices, in off-line and on-line mode, this institutional app allows access in optimised and simplified mode to the main financial, institutional and multimedia information, augmenting the website, which remains the main source of content for more in-depth searches. Only available in English, hence designed for an international audience, it can be downloaded free from the AppStore (Apple Operating System) and Google play (Android Operating System). An e-mail address ( was also set up, to which people can send comments and suggests on ways to improve the app to ensure optimum user satisfaction.

The Group also handles image policies, promotes its values and its culture, and avails itself of sponsorships - selected on the basis of standing and effectiveness criteria - to reach actual and potential customer targets, with a view to increasing commercial value.