During the hearing before the Environmental Commissions of the Chamber of Deputies on 29 November 2012, as part of the survey on seismic safety in Italy, the Group Chief Insurance Officer stated that a mandatory or semimandatory system should be introduced, with tax breaks for subscribing policies, in which the government should play the role of ultimate reinsurer, intervening to support the market should extreme events occur. The Group CIO also pointed out that the repeated calamities in Italy in the last few years are changing people's mentality and creating greater awareness of the need to protect oneself from the consequences of these events. However, this phenomenon still has to take a strong hold, and the persistent economic crisis is an obstacle to the use of insurance. Generali has, however, begun to market earthquake coverage, which is sold together with fire coverage in home policies.

Sacro Convento di Assisi, Restauro Affreschi Giotto, Italia

Sacred Convent of Assisi, Restoration of Frescoes by Giotto, Italy