Adhesion to external voluntary initiatives

The progress made during its route to sustainability has confirmed and consolidated the belief within the Group that competitiveness is fundamentally linked not only to ethical sensitivity but also to social involvement and respect for the environment. As proof of this belief, in recent years the Generali Group has adhered to various voluntary social and environmental initiatives.

UN Global CompactIn 2007, Generali signed up to UN Global Compact, a voluntary UN initiative that encourages companies worldwide to create an economic, social and environmental framework targeted at promoting a healthy and sustainable global economy, which ensures everyone has the chance to share its benefits.

As a participant the Group is therefore committed to embracing, supporting and applying, within its spheres of influence, a set of ten fundamental principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. They enjoy universal consensus and are derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organisation's Declaration, the Rio Declaration and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

The Generali Group annually notifies its stakeholders of the activities implemented and the results obtained in relation to the ten principles through the Communication on Progress (COP). This tool is integrated in the GRI content index attached to this document.

The Global Compact supports the creation of local networks to promote the initiative and its principles in a country or specific geographic region. Therefore, the Generali Group adheres to the Global Compact Network Italia, as part of which it collaborates as a member of the Steering Committee and work groups on human rights and on sustainability reporting.

In May 2011, the Generali Group signed up to the Principles for Responsible InvestmentPrinciples for Responsible Investment (PRI), a UN initiative created to support investors in implementing the six principles, which commits them to incorporating social, environmental and governance parameters in the assessment of investments. Adhesion grants access to a network that supports investors through a sharing of best practices, facilitating collaboration between signatories and offering the chance to participate in a multitude of activities and working groups.

In 2009, the Generali Group was accredited as an Organisational Stakeholder as part of the Global Reporting Iniziativedel Global Reporting Iniziative (GRI), a multi-stakeholder organisation which develops the sustainability reporting framework most widely used at global level by companies of all sizes and industries. Those standards are also adopted by the Generali Group when drafting its Sustainability Report. In 2012, the Generali Group continued to actively follow developments in the new version of the guidelines (G4), participating in workshops and webinars organised by GRI on the matter, and expressing its point of view through appropriately drafted questionnaires.

all'Integrated Reporting Pilot ProgrammeThe Group has participated in the Integrated Reporting Pilot Programme promoted by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) since 2012, with the objective of creating a structure that organisations can use to report in a single document significant financial and non-financial information, on strategy, governance, performance and medium/longterm prospects, taking into account the commercial, social and environmental context in which they operate.

Kyoto StatementIn 2009, the Generali Group signed the Kyoto Statement of the Geneva Association, assuming a series of common commitments regarding the measures to adopt to tackle and reduce climate change. The Geneva Association is an international not-for-profit association for economic insurance studies, dealing with the identification of fundamental trends and strategic matters in which insurance plays a key role or which affect the insurance industry, in order to understand them and spread awareness. Generali participates with all major companies of the sector, along with the Group CEO.

CDPIn 2010, the Generali Group also signed the CDP, an initiative committed to tackling the challenges relating to climate change and to limiting its scope through the adoption of eco-sustainable conduct. The CDP is an independent organisation with 722 institutional investors for a total of 87,000 billion dollars of assets managed. It provides investors sensitive to climate change matters with information on the strategies adopted and the environmental performance of the companies in which they invest, or intend to invest, collected through an extremely articulated questionnaire sent once a year to the major listed companies of all sectors of business worldwide.

In january 2011, the Generali Group also signed the CDP Water Disclosure, a similar initiative whose objective is to collect information on the water management of the major companies who use water intensively, to make it available to the market and direct investments at companies who use water sustainably. A total of 530 investors participate in the initiative for a total of 57,000 billion dollars of assets managed.