Education, awareness and dialogue with stakeholders

As it is felt that education is a fundamental element in furthering eco-sustainable behaviour, the Group promotes numerous education, awareness and stakeholder dialogue initiatives on environmental issues, directed at both its employees, through various kinds of programmes and schemes, and at its customers and the general public, through awareness campaigns, conferences on the subject, guides and information booklets giving useful advice and suggestions.

Specifically, documents, guidelines and information about current social and environmental initiatives are provided on the majority of company intranets. There are also posters or brochures in public areas designed to make workers aware of respecting the environment, saving energy, reducing the consumption of paper and water, and separate waste collection aimed at reusing and recycling natural resources.

There is the tendency everywhere to provide an increasing number training courses via e-learning, which has a dual benefit for the environment: decreasing the consumption of paper linked to the distribution of hard copies and saving CO2 emissions by reducing journeys.

Events and meetings with the community are also organised, in order to communicate and find out people's opinions.