Engagement of employees

In most countries satisfaction surveys on the corporate environment are carried out on a periodic basis (usually every two years) to ascertain the results of initiatives that have been launched and to identify areas for improvement and new forms of dialogue with employees. Employees are also strongly encouraged to take an active role in the workplace in order to build a corporate identity and a culture of engagement, as well as to improve internal communications within the company.

In 2012 the satisfaction surveys carried out in France (Generali France), the Czech Republic (Generali Pojišt'ovna and Europ Assistance), Spain (Europ Assistance) and Switzerland (Generali Switzerland) involved over 7,000 people. The average level of participation was 78.9% and the overall satisfaction level was 79.7%.

Main initiatives in 2012

Main initiatives in 2012

To foster greater staff involvement in the pursuit of its business strategies, the Group promotes numerous dialogue initiatives such as workshops, conventions and meetings, the most significant of which in 2012 are outlined below.
In Italy, team building and corporate volunteering initiatives were carried out, and the 5 stages for the environment workshops (see the chapter Environment and Climate Change) were held. In addition, the Performance and development dialogue, a system for managing individual performances that involves dialogue between managers and employees (see section Remuneration, incentives, assessment), was extended to new services and companies. The surveys on the commuter journeys of Italian Group employees, carried out by the Group Mobility Manager to identify possible personalised sustainable mobility actions according to town, site and company (see the chapter Environment and Climate Change), were quite noteworthy.
In Italy, France and Germany all Generali Investments Europe SGR employees participated in the workshops organised in relation to the creation of the asset management One Company with the aim of facilitating the integration of countries/companies in terms of four priority areas (Responsibility, Delegation, Learning, Delivering).

In France, the Group continued to pursue the permanent Ambition Generali initiative, a participative-management and knowledge-sharing project that seeks to define Generali's strategy for successfully dealing with the risks and opportunities brought about by change. The plus points of the initiative, which involves the broad participation of the workforce, are the active support of the Top Management, the customer-oriented organisation, the in-depth communication of the project and its results, and the concrete responses provided for the identified requirements. To implement the organisational change defined by Ambition Generali, developing the ability of individuals to adapt their own roles to this change, another important initiative has been launched, the Organisation du Travail Responsabilisante project, which involves the entire workforce.

In Germany the permanent Heute für Morgen: Ich unternehme Zukunft (Today for tomorrow: I am the entrepreneur of my future) initiative continues. Launched in 2009, this project involves 99% of the Generali Deutschland Group workforce. The initiative consists of an open discussion on issues relating to the future of the company, such as: business evolution trends, challenges for the future, the possibility of controlling change and improving company wellbeing through the responsible assumption of an active role at individual level.
Another important initiative pursued by the German Group is that of corporate volunteering, which in 2012 involved 300 employees in 23 different projects, which received positive feedback from all stakeholders (see chapter Community).

Finally, the workforce is also engaged via the company intranet - a tool dedicated to all employees that is designed to facilitate internal communications by permitting the publication of operational and regulatory information, news on projects, events and organisation notes - and e-mail, which is used to provide punctual communications on the latest company news.