Guidelines for community initiatives

Four action areas have been identified in order to guide the choices of the Group companies.

Social area: initiatives aimed at improving all aspects of society, with a particular focus on those that seek to:

  • provide assistance (covering primary needs, health and medical services, basic education, etc.) to those in difficulty (people suffering from poverty or illness, orphans, disaster- or war-stricken communities, etc.);
  • integrate the disadvantaged into society and education and/or employment through rescue work and education;
  • raise the awareness of the community with regard to socially relevant issues, often related to the company's business, such as road safety, health and volunteer work;
  • support research, particularly medical, scientific and economic research, and educational training on topics related to the activities of the Group companies.

Cultural area: initiatives aimed at enhancing and preserving the artistic, historical and cultural heritage of the areas in which Generali operates and making it more accessible to the public.

Environmental area: initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and raising awareness about issues such as climate change, energy saving, separate waste collection and pollution.

Sports area: initiatives to support youth, amateur and professional sport.

In these areas priority is given to initiatives regarding children and young adults, the future of our society, even if the demographic changes taking place in some countries have also seen the attention focused on associations and projects for the elderly.

The criteria used to choose which initiatives to support take into account the priority action areas and the social value of the proposals and the reliability of the bodies promoting them. Checks are made at a later date to ensure that the funds actually arrive at the designated destination and to ensure ongoing long-term support for those organisations that have made good use of the financial resources received and have mission and values shared by the Group or are involved in broadreaching projects. For larger-scale initiatives, the Group companies also seek to evaluate their social impact, examining the number and type of the benefits they had on the socio-economic context.
In terms of the aforementioned criteria, the individual Group companies make their own decisions as regards their operations, concentrating the resources earmarked for the community on a single or a few large-scale initiatives, or on one specific issue, or splitting the funds between several initiatives covering various topics. In some cases, employees are also involved in choosing which organisations should benefit from the resources available.
In some countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Czech Republic and Hungary) the activities are also carried out via foundations that have been specifically set up for this purpose.

Depending on the end goal, which may be either philanthropic or predominantly commercial in nature, the community-oriented initiatives implemented within the action areas identified by the Group may be divided into:

  • donations, when the funds or resources in kind destined for these communities have the sole goal of providing a public service or materials for public use. Such contributions can be made periodically or, as mentioned, on a regular basis, according to an established schedule in the event that they are to be used for the development of specific, large-scale projects. The majority of the community-oriented initiatives pursued with the participation of the Group companies fall into this bracket.
  • commercial initiatives, i.e. the sponsorship of events and shows of significant cultural and sport value from which the community benefits, but which are also directly aimed at promoting the brand or a specific company product, or to improve its image.

Thanks to their ability to combine commercial goals with social goals, commercial initiatives are a crucial part of the Group's communication policies which, by their very nature, are developed over time in accordance with the needs of the business, and can therefore be irregular. The Group's policy of engagement in the community therefore relates exclusively to donations.