Community policy

The Generali Group plays an active role and contributes in various ways to improving the communities in which it operates.

Community policy

Forging relations with the local communities in which they operate has always been a priority for the companies that belong to the Group, which has capitalised on local expertise to develop its business in new areas.

As a rule, the Group employs local people at both acquired and newly created companies, the result being that Generali's global expansion and consolidation has always led to growth in the economies of the communities in which it operates.

The Group’s role as a driver is not just limited to the economic sphere but also extends to the social sphere where, as detailed in its Code of Conduct, Generali wishes to tangibly contribute to a form of development based on respect for fundamental human and labour rights, and to protecting the environment.
The Group is an active citizen in its communities using its funds, expertise and other corporate resources to support public and private organisations committed to improving living conditions through initiatives in the social, cultural, environmental and sport areas.

Indeed, at times of ongoing and profound economic difficulty, such as the current one, the Group seeks to strengthen those measures designed to help those in greatest need and to mitigate the negative effects of the downturn at a social level.
The Group companies actively work alongside both national and local institutions to develop individual projects; such partnerships are particularly common with the education authorities, with whom the initiatives aimed at schools are usually organised, and with the Ministry of the Interior and the national and/or local police, with whom they work alongside on street education campaigns.

The Group also carries out an important role during emergencies, including natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, providing clients with any eventual damages owed to them as quickly as possible but also helping to provide first aid and/or participating in the rebuilding process, particularly as regards social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and nursing homes.