Social area

Social area

The Group has always prioritised its support for associations that provide assistance to those affected by poverty, disease, war, violence and social discomfort and, as mentioned, it has strengthened this commitment in these recent years of severe economic and social hardship. In particular, the Group prioritises initiatives aimed at constructing the basis for a lasting improvement in living conditions for the disadvantaged, and backs rescue and integration projects designed to offer people in difficulty, for whatever reason, equal opportunities for development and integration into society and the job market.
In the healthcare sector, the initiatives backed by the Group this year once again mainly sought to prevent and cure illnesses, particularly those that represent the biggest causes of death or which have a major impact on people's quality of life and independence such as tumours, cardiovascular illnesses, Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis.
Also in 2012, the Group companies in various countries worked with the authorities, schools, state and local police and various associations to organise programmes aimed at preventing road accidents caused by the failure to respect the highway code. Most of these were aimed at providing children and young people with basic knowledge so they grow up to become careful drivers in the future.

In Germany, the carefully structured promotion of voluntary work among citizens and businesses, carried out together with the institutions and associations as part of Generali Zukunftsfonds, also continued in 2012.

Finally, in numerous countries the companies continued to maintain valuable relationships with universities and postgraduate education institutions, resulting in multiple exchanges: placements, classroom talks by Group employees, the funding of study grants, etc. In this way, the companies both show their interest in and directly contribute to training a highly specialised workforce who they may later consider when looking to hire new staff.

In Hungary the Generali Smile Hunter project was launched a couple of years ago. This initiative seeks to provide assistance to children from traumatic backgrounds who have been cared for by children's homes since being separated from their original families. The aim of the project is to give children the chance to enjoy unique experiences and to help them develop skills and talents that will enable them to integrate in society. Before the programme was launched, together with the help of experts it was established that sharing common experiences with other children would be the best way of helping the younger children to enjoy a normal childhood. The project was then launched with children and their minders asked to express the wishes they would like to come true. Generali then sought to realise their dreams organising, for example, an unforgettable summer holiday on the shores of the Balaton, as well as trips to the zoo, adventure parks, museums, radio stations and the airport.

One of the most distinctive features of the Smile Hunter programme was the use of Facebook in all phases: firstly to raise awareness of the initiative among colleagues, insurance brokers and customers and to encourage them to take part and make a contribution exclusively in kind, not in cash. The response, again on Facebook, was immediate and enthusiastic and the propositions made in terms of sports, crafts and animal-based activities, together with the donations of equipment, holidays and toys, made it possible to realise even the smallest dreams of the children. As well as taking care of the logistics, Generali documented all of the activities, publishing them on Facebook to share them with donors and followers, together with the drawings and letters with which the children involved in the programme described their experiences.

An additional programme was subsequently launched with the aim of improving the expressiveness and the self-confidence of children through participation in group sports and artistic activities to develop their skills and talents.

Thanks to Generali, at the end of 2012 these programmes, which include art therapy, sports, music, dance, theatre and initiatives that help children to get to know and respect nature, were introduced at 6 different Hungarian institutes. The progress of the project can be followed on Facebook where there is also an application that continuously monitors the progress of 15 talented children so they can act as role models for their peers and as a stimulus for the entire community.