Environmental area

Environmental areaThe Group has funded a series of activities in this area of varying type and scope, aimed at protecting the environment, developing and promoting alternative energies, and providing education on environmental subjects.

Thank you for reusing me on the backTo mark special occasions in Asia, such as weddings or Lunar New Year celebrations, it is customary to give cash gifts in Red Envelope (Lai See) - in Oriental tradition the colour red symbolises good luck and keeps evil spirits at bay. In Hong Kong 180 million red envelopes were given as gifts in 2012, the equivalent of 9,253 trees. To encourage people not to throw away the red envelopes but to take them to the special collection centres also set up in its own POS, Generali organised an awareness campaign called Greeners Action's Lai See Reuse and Recycle program 2012. The recovered envelopes were sent to an association that employs disabled young adults in various different working activities, which divided them up according to size, shape and shade printing the wording Thank you for reusing me on the back. The envelopes were then given away so they could be used the following year.

Madeira Film FestivalIn Portugal there was support for the Madeira Film Festival, the biggest independent festival in Europe where directors from all over the world come to present their documentaries and short films. The aim of the festival is to encourage creativity in all areas of film production, regardless of the financial status, physical problems and diversity of the participants in terms of gender, age and geographical origin.

The festival also seeks to protect the natural history, flora and fauna of the Portuguese island, issues to which a special category of the competition is dedicated. The island of Madeira boasts the biggest subtropical endemic laurisilver forest in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

The aim is therefore to use film to strengthen the understanding of the importance of this forest for the ecological equilibrium of the island and to support the safeguarding of the endemic flora and fauna.