The 2012 figures

In 2012, the Group donated 45 million euros to communityoriented initiatives (-5.9% compared with 2011).

Allocation to the community by action area

  • The allocation of funds to the various action areas confirms the Group's decision to focus greater attention on the social area - to mitigate the effects of the economic downturn of the last few years - and the environmental one: indeed the sums allocated to them, in which the majority of philanthropic initiatives are concentrated, increased by 6.3% and 9.6% respectively compared with 2011.
  • At the same time there was a 10.3% fall in the amount of funds allocated to the sports area. In any case, it still accounts for over half of the resources allocated to the community as it includes numerous commercial events, which often have major media visibility.

Allocation to the community by type

Donations 15,371,879 14,600,582 32.5%
Commercial initiatives 32,462,650 30,393,280 67.5%
TOTAL 47,834,529 44,993,862 100.0%
  • There was a decrease in both components. Specifically, donations fell by 5% and commercial initiatives by 6.4%. The smaller fall in donations is quite significant as it reflects how the Group's focus on the needs of the communities is not affected by periods of crisis such as the current one.


  • The trends observed in this 3-year period underline how the effects of the negative international economic climate firstly slowed growth and then, in the last year, reduced the overall quantity of funds allocated to community-oriented initiatives.

In 2012 over 1,000 employees participated in corporate volunteering activities, which accounted for 1.3% of all donations.
However, despite this reduction there was an increase in the commitment of the companies to corporate volunteering, which consisted of various types of activities carried out by employees in favour of not-for-profit organisations during working hours. In fact, in 2012 there was a substantial increase in the number of countries that launched corporate volunteering projects, which rose from 5 in 2011 to 16 (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Argentina, Panama, the Philippines and Hong Kong).

Particularly popular among the various types of corporate volunteering in the Group companies is skills volunteering, which sees employees participating in numerous economic and financial literacy initiatives as lecturers, sharing their time and the technical knowhow and managerial skills they have acquired.

For example, in 2012 the Generali Employees in the Classroom initiative was held in the Netherlands, in which a number of employees volunteered to teach primary school children the basic principles of healthy personal finance. This project formed part of "Money Week" organised by Wijzer in geldzaken, a platform created by the Ministry of Finance in 2008 to improve the general public's understanding of financial issues and which boasts over 40 partners from different areas (finance sector, government, consumer associations, education sector, etc.). In Panama, meanwhile, 40 employees worked as volunteers at the junior Achievement, children's education association, holding lessons designed to teach primary and secondary school children how to be competitive in the global economy.
Elsewhere, the voluntary initiatives carried out by employees covered a wide range of activities. As well as professional activities (work in organisations, training activities in the areas of IT, PR, marketing, accounting, etc.), they also entailed manual activities (cleaning of gardens, woods or rivers, refurbishment works, etc.) and relational activities (recreational activities for the elderly, assistance and care for the sick, travel guides, etc.).

In Germany, particularly active in the corporate volunteering field since 2009, over 300 employees took part in National Corporate Volunteering Day (Freiwilligentag 2012) in june 2012. Adopting the motto 'Helfen hilft - Gemeinsam stark' (Helping helps - Together we are strong), they personally contributed to 23 different projects, spending an entire day doing different types of activities in the cities of Aachen, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich. To carry out the projects, the Group companies partnered with a number of voluntary associations, to whom they also made donations in money or in kind. Also linked to this initiative is the support offered, together with the Ministry of Family Affairs, to the German Volunteer Award 2012, organised to support the social commitment of citizens; this award programme has 6 different categories of prizes, which the public contribute to award by voting online.

In the Czech Republic 130 employees decided to dedicate one working day to one of the organisations featured on, a platform that puts businesses and citizens in contact with not-for-profit organisations.

In Hong Kong the Generali Rainbow Life project involved employees in two initiatives: English Language Workshop Stage I, which in July and August saw 23 employees give English lessons to 21 deprived children from the  Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong NGO; Mainland Exchange, an exchange programme that gave the opportunity for the 10 Generali Rainbow children to travel in the region of Guangzhou with 4 Group employees, providing voluntary service to local underprivileged families.

The Group companies also make donations in kind, supplying new or used equipment or providing services free of charge, particularly insurance policies of different types, to schools and charitable organisations.
In Austria, Argentina, Greece and the Czech Republic the companies donated IT equipment (computers, computer screens, keyboards, mice, notebooks, servers, etc.) to primary schools and NGOs, while in Canada a tablet was given to the Autism Society of Toronto, which provides education to autistic children.
In Brazil 5 cameras were donated to Projeto UERE, a model school for disadvantaged children of 4-18 years, for its photography course; some of the photos taken by the children were subsequently used by Generali for its Christmas cards.
In Colombia 300 books were donated to Fundación Promoción Humana, which assists disadvantaged children in Bogotà, and over 9,000 books to Foundation Semana for the development of a public library. In Romania medicines and healthcare apparatus were donated to the Grigore Alexandrescu children's hospital in Bucharest.
Finally, in various countries there was support for children's sport with the donation of various types of sports kit and equipment.

In addition to these activities, employees within the Group have implemented a number of charitable initiatives, collecting money and/or materials and doing voluntary work to help the less fortunate. Some of these were individual projects, while others were promoted by the companies. The latter also include payroll giving initiatives whereby regular or one-off donations are made to charitable organisations by making deductions from employee salaries. In some countries the Group companies offer employees the chance to take part in such schemes.