Service policies

Generali Group's commitment to increasing customer satisfaction levels is also reflected in the continuous development of solutions and initiatives to improve the services it provides. The Group continuously checks the initiatives implemented by analysing processes and monitoring activities in order to identify the areas for improvement.

In order to consistently maintain a high quality service that is attentive to the needs of the customer, the Group provides:

  • simplified access to products and services;
  • clear and transparent information on the services it provides, in accordance with professional ethics;
  • appropriate and comprehensive advice throughout the various stages of the contractual relationship;
  • timely responses to any anomaly reports.

In recent years, the Group's range of traditional communication tools has been expanded to include the internet and contact centres, allowing a greater number of users to be reached and making it easier communicate.

All Group companies have created and are constantly updating their own websites which, depending on the type of products, offer different functionality and applications.

The websites of the main Group companies provide:

  • search tools to identify the agencies and settlement offices by area, bank branches and details of the main contact channels for the customer;
  • information on products, cover and operations;
  • glossary, contractual terms with explanatory notes and a section dedicated to frequently asked questions (FAQs);
  • latest stock prices and the performance of shares, managed funds and indices.

In addition, the websites of some companies also offer:

  • information on claims handling procedures;
  • specific applications for submitting claim reports with photographs and useful information on local authorized body shops;
  • estimate calculators and simulations of supplementary pension products;
  • online payment of insurance policies;
  • insurance and/or legal advisory services;
  • possibility to download apps for smartphones and tablets that allow clients to integrate the services offered by the website with the functionality accessible through these mobile devices;
  • member areas where clients can manage their own insurance or banking details. The absolute security and confidentiality of data and transactions is ensured by an access system with a user ID and personalised password.

In 2012, in Italy, Assicurazioni Generali's Web Project, in addition to carrying out a complete graphical and functional redesign of the website, developed a joint initiative with 643 agencies, focusing on the following objectives: to give direct online visibility to all agencies, each of which will have their own personalised member area; to improve the provision of advice and assistance by the sales staff; to increase customer loyalty by means of immediate access to relevant information and new services offered and; to provide useful support tools to agencies to facilitate administrative tasks. In Germany, the CosmosDirekt website has been updated to include a dedicated navigation technical support section and Central introduced a section including a search tool to identify pharmacies in the local area. In the Czech Republic, Cˇeská Pojišt'ovna has enhanced its members area with new features that include the payment of policy premiums and claims reporting. Finally, in Spain, functionality has been added to allow the direct online payment of premiums by credit card.

In the banking sector, in 2012 Banca Generali in Italy enhanced the members area of its website with functionality aimed at protecting investments through conditional orders that allow investors to limit their losses.

The company also introduced the Secure Call service, which uses the latest and best technologies available to combat computer fraud in the banking sector. In Austria, Generali Bank completely redesigned its website to make it more suited to the needs of its clients and, in Switzerland, BSI introduced a financial newsletter for clients.

Most of the websites' pages have been designed in accordance with the main World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) accessibility guidelines.

In the majority of the Group companies, the services available to clients are supplemented by an additional means of contact: the call centre. This telephone service provides the client with remote support and extended opening hours, which may also be extended through the night.

The call centres provide the following:

  • information and assistance on products and the conditions applied;
  • insurance and financial advisory services;
  • information on after-sales services;
  • company website navigation support;
  • timely responses to reports of poor service.

In addition, through this channel, some companies also offer:

  • estimates and/or quotation simulations;
  • assistance in completing the claim report and related documentation;
  • provisions on current accounts and requests relating to credit cards and debit cards;
  • securities trading.

In 2012, in Italy, Genertel further expanded its range of services with the establishment of contact centres and the activation of the Easy Quote system, attached to a database which, based on the date of birth of the policyholder and the licence plate of the vehicle, provides the requestor with his/her insurance history and technical data relating to the vehicle. Finally, Genertel introduced the Virtual Hold system, which reduces waiting times for customers calling from mobile phones by booking a subsequent consultation within a time window estimated by the system and automatically communicated to the customer. Genertellife activated the following: an online insurance chat facility, providing direct insurance advice and ensuring visual recognition of the customer via Skype, a communication method that reduces the time required to complete investment procedures required by anti-money laundering standards. In Germany, CosmosDirekt extended its co-browsing service, i.e. the support provided by simultaneous navigation, also in the meinCosmosDirekt platform, created to allow the client to maintain their insurance profile autonomously and independently. In the Czech Republic, Generali Pojišt'ovna implemented a telephone line supplemented by an email service which is dedicated to requests from brokers. In Switzerland, BSI expanded its services offered to clients by improving its portfolio and payment operations.

In recent years, the changing needs of customers and continuous developments in mobile technology have encouraged the Generali Group companies to develop IT projects focused on making communication with customers more immediate and offering a service that is readily accessible in terms of space, time and functionality. In order to provide new contact tools and to facilitate the operations of the sales networks, certain Group companies have developed applications for smartphones and tablets that allow the user to perform certain insurance or bank-related tasks from a mobile device.

Using this method, the customer is able to:

  • report claims and submit the related documentation, including photographs;
  • locate the nearest authorized body shop;
  • request roadside assistance;
  • obtain useful information and updates on legislation;
  • fill out questionnaires with a view to identifying the most suitable insurance coverage;
  • view his/her financial situation;
  • complete current account transactions and monitor the performance of securities.

In addition, customers can take advantage of additional services that are not directly related to its insurance and financial positions, such as the ability to:

  • access calendars that allow the user to enter the desired deadlines;
  • estimate blood-alcohol limits by entering certain physical data and the number of drinks consumed;
  • measure the fuel consumption of the user's vehicle and record the position of the same via geolocation.

In 2012 the ePolizza application in Italy was enhanced with new features for calculating pensions with a view to familiarising users with supplementary pension schemes. The tablet version of the application was also optimised. Assicurazioni Generali launched an application allowing stakeholders to follow the Group's financial results and Genertel teamed up with Europ Assistance to develop an application for travel insurance policies. Banca Generali enhanced its app already available to financial advisors with a second one for clients to transfer self-caring activities on digital media. In Germany, Dialog developed an application for broker consulting activities, which can be downloaded from the company website.

Information and insurance/financial literacy programmes have been implemented by the majority of Group companies by issuing newsletters and information leaflets to clients and consumers to make it easier to understand terminology related to the industry, primary insurance cover, basic financial instruments and new regulations. The glossary and FAQ sections of the company websites provide timely and up-todate information on policies, the most common risks, financial matters and regulatory requirements in clear, understandable language. Moreover, some companies have created dedicated microsites and online videos which, in a spirit of edutainment (education and entertainment), explain the benefits of insurance coverage in all lines of business and offer tips on how to safely deal with everyday life.

In 2012, a campaign was launched among the agencies in Italy to raise awareness on the issue of micro-injuries and potential related fraud activities, which are partly responsible for increases in insurance premiums. In Germany, CosmosDirekt published 50 Versicherungstipps (insurance tips) to provide clients and consumers with general information on certain types of insurance and the most common risks that can be covered by an insurance policy. Furthermore, in partnership with the online advice portal, the company launched a chat service to answer questions on specific insurancerelated topics. Generali Investments has collaborated with Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management (the German association for investment and asset management) on a campaign aimed at improving the financial knowledge of the community and to explain the advantages of mutual funds. In the Czech Republic, Cˇ eská Pojišt'ovna launched a special financial education programme in secondary schools, delivered by the company's financial advisors.

In recent years, there has been a profound change in the composition of the client base, which is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of origin and culture. This has led some Group companies to translate their company literature into the languages of some communities which have an important presence in the country concerned. In some cases, the call centre advisory staff speak the main foreign languages.

Corporate identity activities and sponsorship initiatives respect the Group's fundamental ethical values while maintaining the veracity of its contents and repudiating the use of coarse or offensive messages, in keeping with the provisions in the Generali Group Code of Conduct and the directives issued by the relevant supervisory authorities. The graphics and content of advertising material produced by the marketing or sales departments are examined by the Corporate Identity function in order to identify any statements that could lead to misunderstandings regarding the characteristics of the product or service. The advertising material is then validated by the legal department, which assesses the compliance of the commercial message with existing legislation, the rules dictated by the supervisory board, the basic principles enshrined in the Code of Conduct and the provisions of other self-regulatory codes.

The following should be noted in this regard: the Parent Company and several other important Italian companies (Alleanza Toro, Fata, INA Assitalia) adhere to the Codice di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria (Advertising Self-regulatory Code); Cˇ eská Pojišt'ovna participates in Rada pro reklamu, the Czech Committee for the regulation of advertising; Group companies in Spain adhere to the Code of Advertising Self-discipline and Advertising Practice and the Transparency Code, and Group companies in Switzerland adhere to the Swiss Directmarketing- Verband-Ehrenkodex (Advertising Self-Regulation Code of the Swiss direct marketing association).