Product policies

Customer loyalty is a priority for the Group and its ability to constantly meet actual client needs and expectations is a prerequisite for creating and maintaining trust in order to build lasting relationships. In everyday insurance and banking operations, adherence to shared commitments and principles is achieved through:

  • simplified processes and consumer involvement in product innovation;
  • developing products that meet the interests and needs of stakeholders;
  • providing appropriate product information that is readily available and directly accessible so that it can be understood by all stakeholders;
  • transparency in the conduct of all operations;
  • continuous and timely training of sales networks;
  • performance monitoring, checking the results achieved and planning required service improvement activities.

The evaluation of opportunities to develop innovative products is based on emerging needs, the results of market analysis and any changes introduced by the law. Once the characteristics of a new product have been identified, the content of the product offering is outlined and translated into clear and transparent contractual texts that are easy for the customer to understand and designed to prevent disputes in the early after-sales stage. The contractual material is then examined by the company's legal department, which verifies that it complies with national laws and industry regulations.


Generali Investor Day 2013, London, United Kingdom