Other survey activities

In 2012, initiatives specifically targeted at understanding the needs, aspirations and attitudes of clients/consumers continued in order to develop and further improve the products and services of all Group companies.

Below is a summary of the most significant surveys conducted in 2012.

Surveys to identify consumer needs and expectations:

ItalyConsumers aged between 30 and 60 years were involved in an initiative to understand their expectations,
preferences, needs and priorities with regard to life insurance products. In particular, attention was paid to
identifying the differences between the basic objectives of consumers who purchase a policy for saving
purposes and those who purchase one for investment purposes. In addition, a survey was conducted
to understand consumers’ attitudes towards motor insurance policies that reward environmentally
sustainable behaviour, showing high popularity for this type of product.
AustriaA survey on supplementary pension plans was conducted among workers aged over 16 years and
allowed to analyse attitudes towards the existing products offered, knowledge and the attractiveness
of pension schemes.
FranceTelephone interviews conducted with 950 adult consumers on their insurance needs allowed to map
customer needs with regard to health, pensions and the risks associated with daily activities.
Czech Republic500 consumers aged between 18 and 65 years were interviewed on corporate social responsibility
and the manner in which it fits within large organizations. The results show that Cˇ eská Pojišt'ovna is
perceived as a company that pays attention to this area.
SwitzerlandTaking advantage of new communication trends, surveys were conducted on over 500 facebook
users and allowed to identify the topics of greatest interest, potential functionality to be developed
and the tools to be implemented. Remaining on the subject of improving communication and
client proximity, a number of clients who had taken out at least one policy in the last 4 years were
contacted to identify their preferences for relationship management and contact with the company.

Surveys on financial decisions by consumers

ItalyThe financial decisions made by consumers were analysed to understand their investment horizons
and preferred distribution channels.
Austria1,280 consumers were surveyed on their budgeting habits to identify their priorities and the
purchases they regard as essential.


Surveys on services

Surveys on services

In 2012, a number of surveys were conducted that specifically aimed at understanding the needs, desires and behaviours of specific groups of clients/consumers in order to develop new products and services with these groups in mind. Of particular importance is the survey conducted in France on the needs and expectations of women in terms of life insurance policies and their related benefits, involving 403 women aged between 18 and 65 years. The survey revealed important considerations for health insurance programmes. In Switzerland, a paperbased questionnaire was prepared for clients and consumers in the 50+ age bracket to assess their difficulties in understanding pension products in order to make them easily accessible to everyone and to improve communication.