Brand perception surveys

Surveys on the perception of the brand, company image and advertising are conducted in all countries. Surveys are conducted on consumers drawn from representative population samples, generally selected by age and sometimes by more specific criteria (gender, occupation, region, etc.); occasionally, the sales networks are also involved.

Surveys on brand perception are carried out at varying intervals, depending on the country, and they are often associated with events such as the launch of a new product, a marketing communication or a merger/ acquisition. The surveys show an improvement in brand perception in Italy (for D.A.S., Genertel, Genertellife and Banca Generali), Germany, the Czech Republic and Spain, while it remains stable in surveys conducted in Austria. In France, surveys conducted through individual meetings recorded a drop in brand perception.

Company image and advertising surveys are only conducted in certain countries and involve different methods and target populations. In Italy, Genertel and Genertellife conducted online surveys involving about 1,500 respondents including existing and potential consumers which revealed an innovative, solid and dynamic image. Moreover, with regard to advertising activities, the types of consumers most affected by the advertising campaign were identified. In Austria, annual and quarterly surveys were conducted which show an image perception in line with previous results. In Germany, annual analyses performed with a view to improving and planning communication strategies directed at agents and brokers showed an unchanged image perception.

In addition, monthly surveys were also conducted on representative samples which showed a positive reaction among consumers to the Group's advertising initiatives. In the Czech Republic, weekly surveys show an improvement in image and the satisfaction level of advertising campaigns. In Spain, telephone surveys conducted both before and after the launch of the company's advertising campaign showed an improved positioning of the company's image.