Engagement of clients

The Group pays particular attention to dialogue with clients and analysing of the results of the numerous surveys it conducts on a regular basis. The surveys relating to brand perception and customer satisfaction with the products and services offered, as well as surveys on client/consumer expectations and the reasons behind their decisions, are the starting point for developing and adding to the product range, internal organizational processes and communication.

Surveys aimed at identifying the level of customer satisfaction at the various stages of the relationship are conducted by all Group companies. Telephone interviews are usually carried out with frequencies ranging from monthly, as in Switzerland, to once every three years, in the case of Austria. The surveys conducted in 2012 showed a good level of customer satisfaction, remaining generally stable compared to previous surveys, while in Germany, satisfaction levels increased. Switzerland was the only country to record a decrease in satisfaction, which resulted in action being taken in the following areas of concern identified: response times, complaints management and advisory services.

Europ Assistance companies are particularly active in the area of client dialogue, partly due to the specific nature of their business and the manner in which it is conducted. On a monthly basis, the Europ Assistance companies conduct interviews with representative samples of clients that have used the support services. The satisfaction index for these companies was high in all countries considered. Specifically, satisfaction levels increased in Spain and Italy where, in the second half of the year, online and telephone interviews were conducted in relation to the on-demand services provided, which recorded a 92% customer satisfaction rate. In France, the surveys revealed a satisfaction level of over 80% for all services (medical assistance - 84%, roadside assistance - 86%, and home and family assistance - 85%), identifying waiting times and client communication as among the critical issues to be resolved.

In 2012, a survey of support services was also conducted among Cˇeská Pojišt'ovna clients in the Czech Republic which showed a satisfaction rating of 78%, an increase compared to previous surveys.

Generali Group companies regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys on claims management and settlement services, which represent a critical moment and a particularly important one with regard to customer relationship management. In Italy, monthly surveys are conducted with clients who were involved in an accident and whose claims have been settled in the previous months, the results of which have identified consistently good satisfaction levels; similar results have been found in interviews conducted annually in both Austria and Spain. Satisfaction levels were higher than in previous surveys conducted in the Czech Republic by Cˇ eská Pojišt'ovna and Generali Pojišt'ovna, both with regard to the management of motor accidents and the settlement of claims.