Customer centricity initiatives

Customer centricity is one of Generali Group's main business strategies. The creation of value for customers as a precondition for the creation of value for the company is the basis of a number of existing projects and initiatives that aim to facilitate the sharing of expertise between Group companies with a view to implementing products and services that satisfy the spoken and unspoken needs of customers.

In this context, the Customer as an asset programme, launched in 2010 and constantly developed since then, aims to guide the Group companies towards a customer-driven approach with a view to increasing customer loyalty and improving satisfaction. The Group's eight main countries of operation participating in the programme are: Italy (through Assicurazioni Generali), Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Spain and Switzerland. The programme has four main objectives:

  • to create an active network of senior managers and professionals in each country with a view to measuring and monitoring activities related to the creation of value for the client and the company, identifying new initiatives, coordinating activities related to the programme's objectives and facilitating the exchange of information with regard to experiences, methodologies and results achieved with other team members in order to foster the exchange of knowledge and best practices between Group companies;
  •  to prepare a manual (updated on an annual basis) containing the latest versions of all of the levers for action identified within the different aspects of value creation. The identification of a common methodology for conducting customer satisfaction surveys also falls within this remit;
  • based on the manual, to identify actions aimed at increasing the strategic expectations of all Group companies;
  • to constantly monitor performance using the most relevant periodic measurement indicators.



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